NAAC 3P/ 3CT Input

  • 7 segment LCD display with 2 colors backlite
  • Available in 8 stage and 12 stage with RS485 communication port
  • Target PF 0.8 lag – 1.00
  • Display THD-I % and THD-V% along with power
  • Intelligent switching between various capacitor banks
  • Control Sensitivity 50mA
  • User can configure alarm settings accordingly


Technical Data Parameters
 Operating Voltage (Un) 3×230 AC ,3×240 AC+/- 10%,50/60Hz
Voltage Range (0.9-1.1)xUn
 Operating Current 50mA-5.5 A
Capacitors Steps 8 &12
Network Type  Three CT,3 Phase
Accuracy Current 1% +/-1 digit(V,I Cos phi) and 2%+/-1 Digit(W,Var,VA)
Current Transformer Ratio 5……10000/5A
NO-Volt Feature In case of Power Failure longer than 200mSec,All Capacitor Steps are disconnected Automatically
Power Consumption <2 VA(Current Circuit) and <3VA-10VA (Voltage Circuit)
Cos Phi setting 0.8< cosphi
C/k Setting 0.02-1.00
Time Delay Between Steps 2-1.800Sec( For Switch on/off Separately) Discharge Time(Reconnection time)-2-1.800Sec
Over Voltage Setting 230-275V AC (Selectable)
Factory Set Values Cos phi=1 ind.,Step Time =7Sec, Program=PS5,C/k=0.02
Output Contact 3A,750VA
Display RED LED,4 Digit,14 mm Height(144x144mm)
Ambient Temperature  -5 to 55 C
Protection class IP20
Weight 0.8Kg
Dual Target Cos Phi (For Mains & Generator) YES
Automatic Energy Correction YES
Automatic Disconnection of Damaged Cap. Steps YES
Programmable THD-I and THD-V Alarm NO
Programmable Discharge Time YES
Programmable Over Voltage Alarm YES
Automatic Over Voltage Alarm YES
 Automatic Power Calculation YES
 Programmable Energy Ratio Alarm NO
Password Protection for Setup NO
RS 485 Communication NO
Alarm Contact OutPut Yes
VLN Ph-Neutral Voltage Yes
VLL Ph -Ph Voltage Yes
Phase current Amperes Yes
Active Power KW Yes
Reactive Power Kvar Yes
Apparent Power KVA Yes