NSL – 10 Heavy Duty Capacitors


  • Unique Modular Plastic Enclosure
  • Discharge Resistor (50V after 1 minute)
  • Operating Life 1,00,000 hours
  • Safety, reliability, long life expectancy, easy handling and mounting
  • Self extinguishing plastic container
  • The dielectric consist of heavy film of polycarbonate
  • Available in both Metal Enclosure and Plastic Enclosure
  • Double protection safety device

7.5KVAr, 10KVAr, 12.5 KVAR & Above

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  • NEPTUNE-DUCATI NSL-10 HD range for use in the power factor correction of industrial & office electrical networks. It is a series of quality products which has been designed to cater to the most demanding users where operating conditions are particularly critical and where reliability is of prime importance. The NSL-10HD range also satisfies the demand for a product with durability and longer life.The capacitors used are characterized by the dielectric impregnated with a biodegradable synthetic oil. Impregnation with oil as well as the total lack of air between the capacitors plates ensures that the dielectric – and hence the capacitor too-lasts a long time. The dielectric consist of heavy films of polypropylene.The capacitors are designed with a very low loss dielectric & high quality film is used. They combine these high-tech advantages with the safety and reliability of the traditional technology of impregnation used for Medium Voltage capacitors. The capacitive elements are housed in a cylindrical container made of aluminum.

    All of the materials employed are non-toxic and biodegradable. Thanks to the above characteristics, the capacitor has an expected life which greatly exceeds 1,00,000 hours. It is characterized by the capability of bearing high harmonic components up to R.M.S. Currents level in excess of 1.6 In.

    Total Modularity

    New Assembling System

    • Total Modularity
    • New Assembling System
    • Oil Impregnated
    • Low Losses
    • Operation life>1,00,000 hrs
    • Double Protection Safety Device