Power Factor Correction

A number of power quality issues including electrical harmonics, poor power factor, voltage instability and imbalance, impact on the efficiency of electrical equipments.

Power factor correcting equipments improves the power factor which improves the power quality. Power factor correcting equipments increase the efficiency of power supply, delivering immediate cost savings on electricity.

When do you need Power Factor Correction?

  1. High energy uses and costs
  2. Failure of motors
  3. Failure of electrical and electronics equipments
  4. Malfunction of Fuses & Circuit Breakers
  5. Unstable equipment operations
  6. Overheating of transformers and switchgears

How does Power Factor Correction work?

Power Factor is the ratio of Active Power to the Apparent Power drawn by any load. Low power factor leads to increased transmission and distribution losses leads to increased electricity bills without increase in productivity, heating & hunting of DGs with increased fuel consumption. PFC systems increase the efficiency of power supply, delivering immediate cost savings on electricity.

  • Real Power is the power that actually powers the equipment and performs useful, Productive work.
  • Reactive Power is required by some equipment (e.g. transformers, motors and relays) to produce a magnetic field for operation; however it does not perform any real work.
  • Apparent Power is the vector sum of Real and Reactive Power and corresponds to the total power required to produce the equivalent amount of real power for the load.

What we offer

Neptune offers you a best solution to monitor and improve power factor. We perform a load study to check the system for proper solution to improve the power factor near to unity. While study we take care following points:-

  • Transformer impedance level.
  • Type of load flow.
  • Harmonics level.
  • Voltage levels.
  • Equipment condition and operation.