APP Capacitors

APP Capacitors

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NEPTUNE APP Capacitors are manufactured using Double Hazy Double Thick Polypropylene films as dielectric between two electrodes of thick soft annealed, 99.35% purity of Aluminium foil and have extended foil construction. Power leads are soldered to the extended portion to make a strong and positive electrical contact which can withstand Heavy inrush and discharge current. Capacitors are impregnated with NPCB, bio-degradable impregnant and are hermetically sealed. Impregnating oil adds to dielectric strength and provides cooling effect.

Technical Specifications

# Parameters
Standard Voltage (Un) 415/440/480/525/600V AC
Other Voltage Range Upto 1000V AC
Frequency 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Impregnant NPCB
Insulation Level 3 KV
Dielectric Loss < 0.2 watt/ KVAr
Capacitor Loss < 0.5 watt/ KVAr
Connection 3 Ph., Delta
Life Expectancy >1,70,000 Hrs
Max. permissible Over Volt 115% of Vn
Max. permissible Over Cur 130% of In

Technical Drawing