Life Line Series APFC Panel

It is a well-known fact that electricity users rely on alternating currents for running their loads. With the exception of heating elements, most of the other loads absorb from the network not only the active energy which they convert into mechanical work, light or heat etc. but also an inductive reactive energy whose main function is to activate the magnetic fields necessary for the functioning of these electric machines. The Life Line Series series has been designed by keeping in view load characteristics of small and medium industries. These industries have a combination of both single phase and three phase loads in their network. Normal Automatic Power Factor Correction Systems do not offer optimized power factor control for these kind of networks resulting in either over compensating or under compensating the network. In this process problems such as voltage fluctuation and poor control are created resulting in higher PF losses in terms of billing.The system losses of KVAH such Systems are also higher because of APFC improper switching of capacitor banks.


Advantages of Life Line APFC Panel upto 2000 KVAR

  • Compact Floor Mounted series for Medium to Large Industries
  • Available upto 2000 KVAR Rating
  • Heavy Duty 3 Phase Cylindrical Capacitor
  • 3 CT / 1 CT input intelligent LCD Controllers with inbuilt Load Manager & Front Optical Port
  • Suitable for Compensation of Both Balanced and Unbalanced Load
  • Axial Flow Fan controlled through Thermostat
  • Auto Manual option through Selector Switch