Static Var Generator

The Static Reactive Power Generator (SRPG), is a reactive power compensation system, used for compensation of normal or dynamic three-phase, balanced or unbalanced loads. Some of the important highlights of SRPG are as follows. Stable reactive power compensation for capacitive, inductive, positive sequence, negative sequence and zero sequence loads. Rapid dynamic responses, stable parameters & high precision of reactive power compensation • High efficiency, low thermal loss and advanced ECO mode achieve intellectual energy saving. Modular design offers a variety of coordination with various compensation capacities . The system adopts an advanced 3-level structure & consists of digital signal processors (DSP), large programmable controllers & high power electronic devices, which has excellent performance and superior reliability.Supports remote power on/off functions via computer monitoring. The SRPG system is composed of a fixed-type SRPG module, a door mounted display monitor and a SRPG system cabinet. The external CT is used for the detection of load current and extraction of reactive power that needs compensation, based on which, the SRPG controller controls the main power circuit to generate reverse reactive current in this way, the load-carrying reactive power is counteracted.



Modular SRPG

  • Each module can work independently, and modules can be paralleled to increase the capacity.
  • Fast responding to Dynamic load – Complete responding time (from reactive power generation to elimination) of SRPG is less than 20ms, which enables SRPG to improve Power Factor for dynamic loads.
  • SRPG can correct both Leading and Lagging power factor
  • SRPG has better reactive power compensation accuracy
  • SRPG ambient temperature : -10OC ~ 50OC
  • Input voltage range: 308V~480V (for 415-440V network) , 50/60Hz ±10%
  • Input voltage range: 432~880V (for 480-690V network), 50/60Hz ±10%
  • SRPG won’t be affected by harmonic current, but capacitor bank will cause harmonic resonance.