RM Series

  • LED type 7 segment 4:digit display
  • 8 & 12 capacitors steps available in ON/OFF modes
  • Measurement ofA,V,PF, Cos Phi, W, Var, VA
  • Automatic calculation of C/k values
  • Program entry for targeted Cos phi value
  • No. of capacitors steps user definable
  • Automatic / Manual mode selection with indicator light
  • Over voltage, insufficient compensation
  • Over compensation state alarm indicator lights with output contact


  • Intelligent RM Series P.F. Controllers are used for measurement and control of P.F. control units for central reactive power compensation. The P.F. measured by Neptune RM Series is compared with the set values and in order to provide necessary compensation. P.F. Controller switches capacitor banks ON & OFF automatically. RM Series is Single Phase CT Sensing micro controller relay, designed for above application in 144×144 case for flush mounting with rear plug-in connectors. Microcontroller based programmable RM  series relays are manufactured with 8 & 12 capacitor steps. It can work either in automatic or manual mode.


  • Intelligent Switching for Balanced Load Compensation
  • Internal Temp. Control
  • Automatic Setup
  • Programmable discharge time
  • Automatic calculation of power values for each capacitor step

Auto / Manual mode selection

  • 10 different programs
  • C+ / NORMAL / C- condition light
  • Automatic calculation on C/k value
  • Insufficient compensation alarm
  • Over & Under compensation alarm

Programmable over voltage protection and alarm for capacitors

  • Automatic disconnection of all capacitor steps in case of Mains failure over 20 sec.
  • Programmable CT and PT ratio setting
  • Non-flammable enclosure