Ultima – The Ultimate Capacitors

5KVAr, 10KVAr, 12.5 KVAR & Above

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The Three-phase Ultima Capacitors are latest from Neptune has been designed for power factor correction in networks with high harmonic current content. They are capable of withstanding 4xIn which is Maximum in comparison to other technologies offered in the market with very low losses.

The capacitor has been made by three elements connected in a delta configuration with metalization done in special profile to allow high voltage stress on the film. The elements are housed into an aluminium can and finally impregnated by resin oil.

The impregnation technology allow:

  • To treat the capacitor in a vacuum
  • To eliminate gas and humidity from the active area – impregnate the element
  • To control the “partial discharge effect” which is one of the reason to have precocious ageing (life longer than 200,000 operating hours)

Technical Specifications

# Parameters
Standard Voltage (Un) 415/440/480/525/690V
Rated Frequency 50 Hz (60 Hz on request)
Capacitance Tolerance -5 + 10%
Dielectric losses 0.2 W/kvar
Altitude 2000 ma.s.l.
Duty Continuous
Discharge Resistors External (50V after 1 Min.)
Protection Rating IP20 Indoor Mounting
Terminals M8 Terminal
A.C. test voltage between 2, 15 Un x 2 s terminals
A.C. test voltage between 3 kV x 10 s terminals & case)
Temperature class -25 to 70/D
Max. Inrush current 450 In
Max. Overload In 4 x In
Life expectancy 170000h – 25/D
Reference standard IEC 831-1/2

Technical Drawing