Hybrid Power Quality Solutions

Our Hybrid technology comprises of modular Active Filter Modules used with Tuned or Detuned Filter Banks to offer better filtering efficiency in the network. The Hybrid System is used for Power Factor Correction and Harmonic Mitigation with very low running cost.

The Hybrid System is controlled through common Touch Screen Controller. The modular Active Filter units are IGBT fired with each module is having its own dedicated Controller.

The Passive Filtration part is controlled and switched ‘ON’ through Thyristor Switching Modules. The complete combination of Active and Passive, offers a very reliable combination for very effective filtration and power factor control with very low operational losses in comparison to pure active technology.


Hybrid Power conditioning system is a combination of Dynamic Activcomp Thyristor based Power Factor Correction System and IGBT fired Active Harmonic Filtration System offers most viable and economical solution for both Power Factor Compensation and Harmonic Mitigation. The designs offered by us are installed for compensation and Harmonic compliance of main transformer or at major load feeders. Though there are standard ratings but any design can be offered as per customer load characteristics and level of harmonic distortion.