Harmonic Block Reactors


  • Neptune Reactors are designed with low loss features in comparison to other brands available in market
  • Single layer strip wound type construction for better cooling and heat dissipation resulting in lower losses
  • Capable of withstanding very high harmonic overload Ambient Temp. (Max. Temp. sustained) up to 60°C
  • Step core type design for lower losses
  • Vacuum Impregnated
  • Linearity (withstand capability on resonance freq. and high harmonic current variation) – 200% (L>0.95 x Ln)
  • Strip wound conductor (Al. / Cu.) has been converted into terminals (instead of Lugs) to avoid temperature rise across the joints
  • H-Class Insulation, 180°C
  • High Temp. disconnection above 155°C

Available in Copper & Aluminum


Design Features

Neptune filter circuit are designed as three-phase reactors with an iron core and air gap. Harmonic Filter Reactors are made out of highest quality material and very stringent quality control. It has been designed with properties like low temperature rise and lower flux density so that it can operate in worst conditions of ambient and harmonic overloads. They offer very good degree of linearity. Cheaper and non-linear reactors may trigger undesirable chain phenomena during periods of operation with high harmonic values, such as reducing in the inductance with consequent increase in the resonance frequency of the LC group, which would drain off more harmonic current, further reducing its inductance and overload the reactor more and more. Reactors are available with filtering factor of 7% and 14% in 12.5, 25, 50 and 100 KVAR rating. Any other filtering factor and rating can be made on request.