Active Harmonic Filters

The Active Harmonic Filter System is constructed of one or several filter modules, with an optional display module. There are two kinds of filter modules, draw type and fixed type, which are hot-swappable and non-hot-swappable respectively. Filter Modules and Display modules, both can be embedded in our standard system cabinets. CT terminations are fixed in a standard cabinet and the APF capacity can be configured according to user requirement.

Harmonic Suppression Benefits

  • Eliminates harmonic current and improves the voltage waveform
  • Ensures the Total Harmonic Distortion of grid voltage < 3%
  • Reduces additional power loss in cables, and wire wound components. Helps to improve the reliability of cables, switchgears etc.
  • Nullifies the chances of parallel resonance. Enhances the life and performance of Capacitor Banks.


Our AHF series is an advanced modular Active Harmonic Filter (AHF) system. The AHF system is constructed of one or several filter modules with system controller. Filter modules and controller, both are embedded in our standard cabinets. CT terminations are fixed in a standard cabinet, and the AHF capacity can be configured accordingly to user requirement. The filter capacity can be easily expanded at the user’s site by adding extra filter modules as per site requirement.


  • Compatible with diesel generators
  • Wider range of input voltage, frequency and faster response time
  • Low thermal loss
  • Compensates a wide range of harmonics from 2nd order to 50th order harmonics


  • Designers have more choices with flexible configuration
  • Capability to expand vertically as well as horizontally
  • Higher operating temperature up to 50 Deg. C.


  • IGBT paralleling technology
  • Intelligent air cooling technology
  • High quality components of international brands
  • Advanced production technology