Thyristor Switching Module

Thyristor Switching Module is comprised of solid state switching elements, which provide reliable, high speed, and transient free operation.
They are specially designed for Real Time Power Factor Correction System with Harmonic Block Reactors for Balanced and Unbalanced Load condition.

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Thyristor Switching Module for Dynamic Power Factor Correction
System with Harmonic Block Reactors.
~ Transient Free Switching
~ Used for Tuned and Detuned APFC Systems
~ Compact with inbuilt Axial Fan
~ High temperature protection
~ Copper Busbar type Links for easy connection for all ratings
~ Indications and Alarms Signals for :

  • Power “ON”
  • Controller Signal
  • Capacitor Bank Firing Signal
  • Over Temperature
  • Fan On

Thyristor Switching Module Technical Specifications


Technical Specification

Technical DataDescription

TSM Thyristor Switching Modules
Design Volage 415V +/- 15%
Ratings  15Kvar/25 Kvar,50 Kavr,100 Kavr higher rating on Request
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Aux.Supply DC 12V/24V DC Supply
Comsumption for Aux.Voltage 60mA
PIV Rating of SCR 2200V/2600V other ratings on demand
Operation mode Transient free zero crossing switching
Discharge of Capacitor Fast Discharge
Switch in repetition 20ms
Backup Fuse type Normal HRC (Rating as per rating)
Indications Power ON, Controller Signal ,Firing Signal, Over temperature, Fan ON
Cooling Inbuild Axial Flow Fan
Weight 6.5Kg- 15 Kg
Protection Over Temperature, dv/dt
Humidity 10 to 95% Without Moisture
Maximum Temperature Class at rated Load  -10 to 60