G8 Plus Power factor Controller

The G8 PLUS controller has been designed to satisfy technical characteristics of modern electrical installations in industry and of new users’ needs. Main power factor controller characteristics include: reliability, capability of working in all conditions and the ability to detect critical operating conditions and all this to protect the power factor correction system.

G8 Plus is an Intelligent Controller


  • Backlight graphic 128×80 pixel LCD
  • Automatic identification of sense of CTcurrent flow
  • Connection to single and 3 phase lines, 3 phase lines with neutral control and co-generation systems with 4-quadrant operation
  • Use with medium-voltage lines
  • Capability to correctly operate also in systems having high harmonic content
  • Extreme reduction of the number of switching operations
  • Balanced use of steps with same power rating
  • Reactive power measurement per installed step
  • Recording of the number of connections per step
  • Capacitor over-current protection on all three phases
  • Over-temperature protection by internal sensor
  • Accurate no-voltage release protection function
  • Current and voltage harmonic analysis
  • Harmonic analysis of current and voltage waveforms recorded for overload events
  • Quick CTprogramming function
  • USB and Wi-Fi communication interface for personal computer, smartphone and tablet connection (Optional)
  • Modbus®-RTU andASCII communication protocols
  • Set-up and remote control software (Optional)
  • SMS sending for alarm conditions with E1015 expansion module (Optional)