• 96×96 panel mounting analyzer
• Large white-backlit LCD
• User-selectable backlight intensity level
• 4 measurements simultaneously displayed
• 146 displayed measurements
• Max-demand measurement
• Measurement accuracy: class 1
• Accuracy of primary measurements: 0,5%
• High accuracy thanks to “oversampling” techniques and automatic calibration process
• Automatic detection of CTs current flow for easy installation
• Autotest for quickly insertion check
• User-friendly interface thanks to 5 buttons for quick menu-scroll
• Easy setting of CT/VT ratio
• ThdF measurement (all phases) for distortion on voltage and current with % and absolute values
• Cogeneration mode selectable (2 or 4 quadrants) with separate counters and full instant balance indication
• Indication of partial energy for monitoring industrial processing cycles
• Energy conversion to money (€) and CO2 production (also in cogeneration mode)
• 2 pulses outputs selectable as energy pulses or alarm outputs on 29 measures
• User selectable operation mode based on insertion-type (single-phase, three-phase, balanced three-phase, generic)
• User-Password protection
• User-selectable interface-language
• User selectable default displayed page
• Free-running timer for instrument “life-time” and count-down timer for “process working-time” (programmable counting threshold)
• Wide range power supply 24 ÷ 240VAC/DC (48 ÷ 240VAC/DC for “PROFI”, “ETH” and “IO” models)
• Low internal depth (58mm inside the panel) even for optional models
• Standard Model with integrated CTs; “BASE” Model with shunt input stage
• “485” Model with RS-485 interface: ASCII-Ducati and Modbus-RTU protocols user selectable
• “RELE” Model with booster-relay (250V-16A) for 2 additional alarm outputs and loads control
• “IO” Model with 2 insulated analog-outputs (0-20/4-20mA) and 3 insulated pulse-inputs for energy reading from GME counters
• “PROFI” Model with optically-insulated Profibus interface with DP-slave option according to IEC-61158
• “ETH” model with built-in Webserver and Modbus-TCP communication protocol, Ethernet RJ45 insulated interface connector with auto MDI / MDX crossover functionality