NSL-10 Heavy Duty Capacitors

  • Unique Modular Plastic Enclosure
  • Discharge Resistor (50V after 1 minute)
  • Operating Life 1,00,000 hours
  • Safety, reliability, long life expectancy, easy handling and mounting
  • The dielectric consist of heavy film of polycarbonate
  • Available in both Metal Enclosure and Self Extinguishing Plastic Enclosure
  • Double protection safety device
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Because of their modular construction, NSL10 capacitors are particularly suitable in the production of automatic power factor correction systems. They are also used in power factor correction of motors and transformers. The NSL10 three- phase capacitor is made with three 416.30 single-phase capacitors. The three switch-on reactors are made of copper windings.

The external case, made with insulating material, (Class V2 according to UL 94 standard flammability classification) eliminates the need to provide a protective earthing connection. The easy assembly using “small feet” make the capacitor a universal one.

  1. Capacitive elements provided with a sensitive “FLOPPY CAP” over pressure protection device – low loss metallized polypropylene film as dielectric, impregnated with polyurethanic resins.
  2. Dissipation of the internally – generated heat. The triple round – vertical structure improves the heat dissipation are for a better cooling of the internally-fit modules are used. A lower dielectric means an extended life expectancy of the capacitor.
  3. The Modular design permits a most simple mechanical assembly – No extra accessory metal-parts are required. Electrical connections are made by copper-links available on request.
  • Total Modularity
  • New Assembling System
  • Dry Type Low Losses Non Polluting
  • Double Protection Safety Device