Feeder Pillars

Switchboard assemblies that provides local isolation to electrical distribution equipment, protecting both the cabling and the transformer from faults. Feeder pillars allow simple and local maintenance to your equipment, reducing site downtime and reducing overall maintenance costs.

Best Suited For

  • Construction and Engineering
  • Data Center/Colocation/Hosting
  • Education
  • Fire/Alarm/Security
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Power Generation
  • Power/Gas Transmission and Distribution
  • Retail and Wholesale
  • Telecom


  • Seam welded outer shell and bolted structure for inner shell.
  • Ease in handling, transportation and maintenance
  • Single front & double front construction.
  • Multi-Tier compartmentalized Circuit Breaker Panel
  • Load Distribution through ACB/MCCB/MCBs.
  • Arrangement for receiving supply through Power Cables.
  • Doors can be hinged on either side offering greater flexibility to configure the panel as per the site conditions.
  • Floor / Wall Mounted Design
  • Suitable for Indoor/Outdoor applications.
  • PP Powder coating for outdoor applications.


Rated Operation Voltage 3Phase, 415 V AC
Rated Frequency 50 Hz
Rated Current Up to 2500 Amp
Rated Service Voltage 500 V AC
Rated Insulation Voltage 800 V
Dry Power Frequency Withstand Voltage 2.5KV For 1 Minute
Short Time Current 50 KA
Temperature rise 40 oC above Ambient 45 oC
Form of segregation Form-3b/Form-4b
Degree of Protection IP 55 / IP 65
Metal Sheet Thickness 2mm / 1.6mm
External Surface Protection Epoxy Powder Polymerized at High Temperature
Painting Thickness more than 60 micron
Standard Colour Grey RAL 7035
Bus bars Aluminium / Copper
Bus bar Supports SMC / DMC / FRP
Standard Compliance IS 8623, IS 13947, IEC 61439
Standard Depth of Switchboards 600/1000/1200 mm
Standard Feeder Width 700/800/1000 mm