Distributor EVOBOX

The new EVOBOX series is the ideal solution for mobile power supply in industry, on construction sites or in event technology.

The portable distributor series is available in 4 coordinated housing sizes and impresses with its high mechanical and thermal capacity.


Product information
– Available in 4 coordinated housing sizes
– Perfectly stackable
– Easy-to-handle, using integrated carrying grips
– No protruding components
– fuse elements under transparent operating windows
– Distributor outlets and fuse elements each separately on one side
– Ready wired for installation
– The internal wiring is designed for the highest possible safety via
the specification standard
– Resistant to ageing and weather
– Lightweight and impact resistant through the use of hard-poly-

Product details
– Impact strength IK10, up to 20J impact energy
– Self-extinguishing and UV-stabilized
– Highly resistant thermally and mechanically
– Maintenance-free QUICK-CONNECT-technology for CEE up to 63A
and domestic sockets
– Overall protection degree of the distributor is IP54
– Flexible fitting options up to 125A

– Adapted arrangement of panel mounting sockets for plugs with
protection degree IP67
– Phase control lights are easily visible under operating windows
– External earthing screw outside the housing
– Installation of overvoltage protection
– The housing can be blue, red and orange (minimum oder quantity)
– all panel mounting socket outlets are available in black

Power supply

– Cable entry with CEE plug up to max. 125A
– CEE inlet up to max. 125A
– Powerlock System 400A