Deepak Kapoor, a leading name behind Neptune India - one of the esteemed organizations in Energy Management and Power Quality Solution Industry with Power-factor & Intelligent Switchboards as their Key Products that believe in “a better and energy-efficient future”. Today, he is forging ahead with his grip in technology and valuable experience.

There is a concept in science that energy can neither be created nor be destroyed; rather it changes from one form to another form. But what one forgets is that the energy which is wasted can never transform into its original form. Urbanized industrialization has led to the increase in the energy wastage and hence, it has become the need of the hour to put great efforts in reducing the misuse of energy and conserve it for the future generation.

Mr. Deepak Kapoor is a visionary- one of the noble and thoughtful persons, who did not sit back, but rather, stepped forward and took it as a responsibility to do something about the alarming rate of the energy wastage. He came up with the idea of establishing his own enterprise that will provide solutions to save energy and improve power quality for the growing economy. Today, he is the chairman of Neptune Group of Companies that is spearheading the concept of “Energy Saving and Power Quality Solutions” in the Indian subcontinent with the slogan “I Love Energy” through which he is committed to provide solutions in Electrical Energy- Connecting, Distributing, Managing, Control, Saving and Power Quality in the country.

Setting Dreams in Motion

The Founder of Neptune India, Mr. Deepak Kapoor is gem of a person who wants to bring a revolution in the field of “Energy Saving and Power Quality Management”. This pioneer entrepreneur believes in the construction of a future which has effective energy management and best power solutions.

Beginning his career in the year 1983 as Trainee Engineer in the conglomerate Larsen and Toubro, Mr. Kapoor who is an Electrical engineer eventually proceeded to represent an Austrian Company in the Indian Subcontinent. This new opportunity gave him wings that led him to a place where he realized the potential that this industry holds in terms of energy efficiency.

Creating a benchmark in the industry, Mr. Kapoor laid the foundation of Neptune India which he believes, is one of his futuristic moves. He knew that one has the power today to change the tomorrow and it was his strong aspiration to bring that change. The year 1989 saw the transforming of his noble vision into a palpable reality when he laid down the foundation of his own enterprise named “Neptune India Ltd”.

Having a valuable experience of about 35 years, Mr. Deepak Kapoor has gained clients from various dimensions, Institutions, Industrial Houses, Public and Private Organizations- ensuring best form of “Customer Satisfaction and Support” – encouraging philosophy to “Maintain and Retain” and spreading the message of “I Love Energy” so Neptune moves on with the passage of a better and energy efficient future. In 2008, The National Productive Council (NPC) honored Mr. Deepak Kapoor with the “Entrepreneur of the Year” award for his tremendous contribution in the field of Power Solutions.

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