Power Factor APFC

Higher KVAR Ratings are also available on demand.

Power Factor APFC (With capacitor / With capacitor & Line Reactor)


  • Available from 25 KVAR TO 325 KVAR in Series-I and Series-II
  • Heavy Duty 3 Phase Cylinderal Capacitor
  • Expandable Intelligent PF Control for small medium load networks
  • Ultimate solution for compensation of unbalanced loads
  • Measure the reactive power of the system through 3CT’s from all 3 phase
  • Highly intelligent Micro processor baseed 3 phase P.F. Controller with optional
  • Dual P.F. Setting
  • LCD Controller with inbuilt Load Manager with front optical port
  • Optional Plugable Data logger, Ethernet, USB, RS485, GSM modern and capacitor protection modules
  • Powder Coated-Structure finish with altractive Deep Orange and Dark Blue finish
  • Incomer TPMCCB
  • HRC/HCB’s are used for backup protection


# Specfications
Design Type-I – Standard Enclosure witd separate compartment for Capacitor Banks & Switchgears.
Type-II – Modular bolted structure witd separate compartments for outgoing HRC / MCB / MCCB and Contactor for each Capacitor Bank. Capacitor Banks are in separate compartment.
Enclosure Finish Type-I – Epoxy polyester powder coated Deep Orange and Deep Blue structure finish
Type-II – Epoxy polyester powder coated RAL 7035 and Deep Orange structure finish
Internal parts: rust proof zinc passivated / powder coated
Rated Volatge 415V-440V/50Hz
Output Rating (Refer to Banking Configurations)
Other output ratings, switching combination or design voltages are available upon request
Capacitors Heavy Duty Cylindrical Power Capacitors used which are rated at 440V, 50Hz
Contactors Capacitor Duty Contactors witd early make contacts
Incoming / Outgoing MCCB 25kA as Incomer and HRC Fuses / MCB’s / MCCB’s for backup protection of cap. banks (otder combinations on request)
Auto Manual Arrangement On-Off Push Buttons witd ON Indication Lamps. Selector Switch for Auto / Manual mode (optional)
Cooling Arrangement Axial Flow Fan witd Louver and tdermostat
Protection class IP 40
Wiring & Busbar HR Copper wires are used for all wiring connections to Electrolytic grade Alumnium Busbar section
Power Input 3 Phase witd ground (neutral line is not required)
CT Input for sensing 5A/1A from all 3 phases or 1 phase as per controller type
Discharge Resistance 10% of tde rated capacitor voltage in about 30 seconds after switching ‘OFF’ tdrough MOR

Banking Configuration