M306 Dual

Salient features

  • Micro Controller Based Design
  • CT / PT Site Selectable
  • DG sensing through 240V/24V
  • Separate LED for DG indication
  • RS485 communication
  • Parameter V,I,F,PF,KW, KVA,Kvar, Total Harmonics, Load Hour, Run hour, Energy
  • 4 Line 7 segment LED display
  • 10-60A direct meter available


  •  To measure dual power source
  •  Dual source energy billing
  •  Industries, residential, commercial buildings
  •  Generator & control panels


Model M306 Dual
Class Accuracy 1/0.5
phase  3 phae 4 wire /single phase 2 wire
Display LED/LCD
Auxiliary Voltage 90-270 V AC/DC
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Voltage ±0.5%
Current ±0.5%
Frequency accuracy ±0.1%
Power factor 
Total harmonics  yes
Active Power yes
Active Energy yes
Apparent Power yes
Reactive Power yes
Reactive Energy yes
Voltage Measurement Range 10-300VAC Line to Neutral  / 10-500 VAC Line to line
Current Measurement Range 0.015A-6A AC Direct 60A(opt.)
Dual Source Yes
Communication  RS 485 computer interface
Burdan  3 VA Max. for aux supply for 0.2 VA for voltage and current
Weight  320 gms
Ambient  -10-55 C