Metering Systems

When do you need electricity meters?

  1. Identify your main energy users
  2. Set energy objectives and measurable targets
  3. Check and take corrective action as required
  4. Review your system continually and improve where possible
  5. To monitor the energy consumption of the electrical loads
  6. To monitor the running load scenario
  7. To monitor the Power Factor of loads and the utility

How does Metering System work?

We at Neptune, along with our global partners strive to give you innovative products. Continuing with the tradition Neptune introduces state-of-the-art Energy Meters. These micro-controller based smart products complies with applicable IS / IEC standards. Our highly secure proprietary security algorithms provide effective shield against frauds & hacking.


What we offer

Neptune offers you a best solution for Metering Systems:-

  • Multi-function meters to monitor and record data on Electricity Board and on DG sets.
  • Micro controller based design with both LED and LCD display
  • Multi-function meters with maximum demand relay
    Class of accuracy 1/0.5
  • Multi-function meters with communication port
  • Auxiliary supply 40-240V
  • Data logging facility
  • With password protection
  • Standard size for panel mounting

Products Range